My grandpa used to be sailor. So he used to tell me stories of his some adventurous voyages to the deep coast of the world. He used to tell me everything he saw during his errands to South Africa, Durban and other marathons. I remembered this time when he told me about the bunch of dolphin diving right in front of his ship hearing that made me so mesmerized i can’t tell in words. Actually i have this thing with the dolphins they are really an amazing creatures.

Even sometimes i think that they got better mind than most of the humans. I have always adored pets that are tend to be intelligent like dogs dolphins and chimpanzees. This obsession of mine with these curious creatures made me play this game based on the theme of dolphins which are known for their intelligence and wits.

Dolphin coast is a 5 reel slot that offers you 3125 ways to win. Actually 3125 is a type of Casino slot that gives you more chance of winning in comparison to others. Additionally this slot machine also offers some other amazing features like scatter symbol, wild symbol and the jackpot payouts.

Apart from the money the pokie offers amazing sea graphics in the background with the dolphin symbol in between and it also got some other exciting symbols like the life boats the anchors and the sailing ship in the blue. These were mainly the things that made me play this amazing slot. Really its theme was the only thing that attracted me toward and i played the game and had lot of fun. And how can i forget the add-on the money i made while playing the slot. That is the story of mine how i played the online slot of which i have never thought. Overall it was an amazing experience and i would love to play it again if i got the chance.

Aussie Gold Slot Machine

Aussie Gold is one of the most popular slot games by Bally technologies. It has an excellent reputation for offering its customers some of the most thrilling slot games and a high-quality user experience. As the name implies, this game is reminiscent of authentic Aussie gold. It has high payouts, interesting denominations, and a huge jackpot. This game is sure to grab the attention of slot lovers everywhere.

How to play Aussie Gold Slots

Aussie Gold Slots are a traditional slot game with five reels and 30 pay lines. Every line in the game can be bet. You can only place a maximum of 600 credits in this game. Aussie Gold also features a progressive jackpot feature. The lanterns mystery jackpot is the name of this jackpot game. This jackpot allows players to win large amounts of money and will enable them to multiply their winnings up to 10 times. You can also win multiple free spins in the jackpot game, increasing your chances of winning.

Payouts and Win Rate

The maximum payout for this slot game is 600 credits multiplied by the line bet. If your casino has all the denominations set by Bally Technologies, you have a good chance of winning $300,000.Bally Technologies claims that the overall hit frequency for the Aussie Gold Slots is 49.60%, meaning you have a 50-50 chance to win over the long term. This probability alone would be enough to attract the attention of slot enthusiasts worldwide.

Available Denominations

Aussie Gold’s slots game has one of the largest selections of denominations, making it a true gold mine. According to Bally Technologies, this innovative slot game offers denominations from $0.01 up to $ 100 and is available in 16 steps. The Aussie Gold Slot denominations are $100, $50, and $25. Bally Technologies offers a wide range of online slot games for free in Australia and around the globe. It is also preparing to launch 12 new plays in Las Vegas this year. Las Vegas will have 32-inch displays that fully touch responsive and enabled for gaming.

Bally Technologies is committed to providing high-quality slot games that are user-friendly. The touch response feature in slot games is a result of this. Bally Technologies is now focusing on the overall appeal and capturing all sensory perceptions of players in its games. Bally Technologies can expect to release more touchscreen games in the future. Bally Technologies also works on audio and visuals for its games. They use a variety of technology features to create games that are rich in both audio and visual elements. More engaging than they ever used to be.