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5 Treasures Slot Machine

You may feel Deja vu when first playing this “new” Las Vegas slot machine.5 Treasures is a modified version of the 88 Fortunes slot machine. It features the same mechanics and a unique progressive jackpot-linked bonus round. It is also Asian-themed.

If you’re tired of Chinese themed slot games, large progressive jackpots and Fu Bat Baby’s Pick-Win bonus rounds, then 5 Treasures is the game for you.

Let’s get out there and spin the five active reels to see what this new game offers at the Chinese banquet table. It’s still the same title with an 8.80 maximum bet and 243 ways of winning, but does it contain hidden secrets?


Like the previous fortunes game, this title has a traditional Asian tone. In this instance, the Chinese animal theme is the central theme. The reels and overhead screen display many Oriental symbols, colorful icons, classic sound effects, and music. Although the cabinet has been updated minimally, it is still in acceptable condition, and it is difficult to criticize its original setup.

This game has all new reel icons and symbols. The A-9 playing cards symbol is the lowest paying icon. Nine symbols higher up depict ancient Chinese animals. The fixed wild tapestry can also be used as shield and there is a bonus spin which triggers scatter.

Gameplay and Features

The first bonus remains the same as the 88 games. To enter the Fu Bat bonus round, you must collect three or more shield scatters at maximum bet. Each pick will reveal a Fu Bat baby. You can continue to pick until you match three of these cute Asian children. There are four types of babies, each related to one of the four Jackpots: Mini, Minor Major, Major, and Grand. These are 10, 25, 800, and 10,000 credits at the base level. If you hit the minor base jackpot at 8.80 max, it may feel short. We hoped this would have been changed for the new game, but unfortunately, it has yet to be.

This bonus is brand-new and can only be triggered by scatters. This bonus can be triggered at any betting level. This is a free spins round with wilds that can be selected according to their volatility. When the match begins, you will understand why the game is called. Five symbols are available. In the spin round, the higher-valued icons will be less frequent while the lower-paying ones will appear more frequently. The player can choose to gamble the free spins for a big prize.


This game would be better marketed as an enhanced 88 fortunes bonus game. The layouts, structure, and sound of the two games are nearly identical if you compare them. The bonus round is nice, and 5 Treasures is an excellent game. It is the 88 game with even more features. Bally needs to call it what it is: a replacement for a well-loved and trusted slot title.

5 Treasures isn’t just another game in many slot machine offerings. Instead, it lures you into its grasp with an atmospheric experience that mirrors the grandeur of the ancient Far East. Look closer, and you’ll see: every single symbol, each a unique representation of a Chinese animal, has been painstakingly crafted. The cumulative effect of such thoughtful design details, underscored by an energetic soundtrack, creates a time-traveling journey for the player, anchoring them firmly in the luxuriant heart of China’s rich history.

Switch gears for a moment. Let’s delve into the Fu Bat bonus round. Here’s a charming carryover from the sibling 88 games, but it’s with quibbles. Sitting at 25 credits for an 8.80 max bet, the minor base jackpot might leave some players feeling a tad deflated. We can’t help but hope for a more rewarding future update.

Don’t be too quick to judge, though. Redemption comes as the game’s second bonus, a refreshing gameplay tweak. This fascinating feature introduces a ‘volatility selector’ during the free spin round – a rarity among slot games. Players can cherry-pick symbols, each with their appearance frequency during the free spins. The result? A compelling strategic layer that lets you choose your adventure: a steady stream of small wins or a riskier path to more enormous windfalls. This high-stakes trade-off will undoubtedly have thrill-seekers grinning from ear to ear.

Let’s get this straight: while 5 Treasures shares undeniable similarities with the 88 Fortunes game, it stands apart in its own right. The aesthetic allure and captivating gameplay create a magnetic pull, with players returning for more. To label 5 Treasures as a mere update of the 88 Fortunes game is to do it a disservice. In truth, it has borrowed elements from its predecessor but evolved into its entity, presenting a rejuvenated version of the slot machine experience that pulses with exhilarating gambling potential.