My friends and I planned an adventure trip to an Island in the Pacific Ocean last summer. Three guys were invited to join us on rafting and hunting adventures. Peter, my friend, planned everything. Peter booked the tickets and arranged for a hunting license.

We all knew beforehand that this trip was very dangerous there have been deaths in past of the adventurers who took part in this excursion. Peter also arranged a boat from a boat hiring company who supply boats on emergency orders. I arranged for hunting equipment. The third guy Samson was playing guide for us as he has already been there.

The tropical climate caused me to get fever just as we were about to embark on the boat trip. We searched for lodges, camps, or cabins when we arrived. We stayed at a lodge, and then took a break.

There were a lot of flies there and I being already sick got more serious. The other guys went out for adventure and I was left with a computer with internet connection in my lodge. Since, we were on an adventure trip to find our fortune, so I decided to play this slot game based on the very theme of fortune.

The game is themed on the concept of hunting the hidden treasure and offers 30 pay-lines to play on sorted over 5 reels to maximize the winning percentage. It also comes along with features like Certified Pay-out Percentage, Standard Reel Symbols, wild Symbols, stake levels, Scatter and Bonus Symbols. I played the game with the free spins at first and then went for the real money and guess what I really made some extra worthy bucks for the trip. Really, it came out to be a win-2 situation and I felt pretty happy about it.