Gambling is undoubtedly one of the most loved pastimes on this planet. It is illegal in many countries due to its addictive nature and potential social consequences. Like in much of Asia, Gambling in South Korea is prohibited. The Criminal Act Article 246 states that anyone who bets or gambles to gain property shall be subject to a maximum 5 million won fine. It also imposes a maximum of 3 years imprisonment and a maximum of 20 million Won fine. Article 247 bans the opening of a gambling establishment for profit.

The law does not prohibit gambling. However, Korea allows you to gamble under certain limited circumstances, such as tourism promotion. Other laws have been passed that would enable gambling in certain situations.

Take for example :

1. Casinos

For Korean citizens and foreigners, the laws are different. The Special Act on the Assistance to the Development of Abandoned Mine Areas, as it stands now, allows the operation of the only land-based casino in Korea that Korean citizens can enter. It is located in Gangwon, in an abandoned mining area. This remote location further restricts access for Koreans.

Non-Korean citizens can apply for permission to allow hotels to open casinos that are only permitted to foreigners. These casinos are currently operating in Seoul, Incheon, and Jeju Island and are closely supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

2. Lotteries

Korean citizens have two lotteries: the Lotto (a lottery for sports) and the Toto (a lotto). The Lottery Fund Act regulates the sale and operation of tickets.

3. Racing

Horse racing and betting at these venues are allowed under the Korean Horse Affairs Association Act, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Other races are also legal and regulated. These include motorboat racing and cycling, although both fall under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

4. Online Gambling

Both sides can make arguments. This is a grey area, as Korea doesn’t have the relevant laws to regulate online gambling. For example, monetary transactions outside of Korea’s jurisdiction cannot be subject to Korean law. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone will seize your money. The end-user may still be in Korea and could be subject to general gambling laws. To help combat illegal online gambling, the National Police Agency established the Criminal Activity Investigation Team. Although no case has been brought to prove this would be considered illegal.

5. Slot machines

All of these are illegal outside a casino. Gambling is prevalent. An estimated 32 million adults gamble each year, which is expected to increase. There has been a lot of inquisitiveness in poker tournaments with multi-million-dollar prizes in recent years.

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Most casinos train new entrants in the house, so you’ll need to apply directly to the casinos when there are trainee vacancies. The British Casino Association maintains a list of UK-registered casinos.

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