Grand 88, a Chinese-themed slot from Betsoft, features a variety of symbols, including Chinese dragons, frogs in green, and wooden flutes.

The game was named after the lucky number 8 in Chinese culture. The cherry blossom trees are set against the dark blue sky, with a temple lit by lanterns to the left and a lake filled with lilypads to the front.

The reels appear in the middle of the screen, arranged on a scroll. The exotic gameplay includes 25 paylines and various features, including bonuses, wilds, scatters, and free spins.

Atmospheric Origins

Great 88 has 25 fixed paylines so that you can win the maximum quantity of money on each spin. Clicking on the plus and minus symbols will allow you to alter your bet for each spin. Commune on the plus or minus sign to increase or reduce your coins between EUR0.02 and EUR0.10 and your bet levels from 1 to 5 to reach a maximum bet of PS150.

Enjoy up to 100 automatic spins for a faster game and hands-free gameplay.

Great 88 has a gentle and atmospheric slot machine. The dark blue and purple background, the green grass, and the red and golden lanterns create a sense of calm and mystery. There are Chinese symbols in red and green, a green-colored frog, wooden instruments in red, green, and brown colors, and a red box. Two Chinese dragons are also included, one with a red, yellow, blue, and white dragon and another with a green dragon and wide-spaced eye. A red hanging decoration and a few firecrackers are the remaining symbols.

Wild Firecracker: Spin for Bigger Payouts

The firecracker icon is the highest-paying symbol. It delivers up to 44440 coins for five matching symbols along a payline.In this game, the firecracker symbol is also the wild, meaning it can replace all other characters except the lucky red box to create additional winning combinations.

The red, blue, and yellow Dragon is the second-best symbol in the game. It awards up to 5,000 coins for five matching symbols. The green and yellow dragon awards up to 5,000 coins for five matching symbols.

Other oriental-themed symbols offer lower payouts. The red and yellow circular symbols pay up to 1,000 coins per 5 symbols. The green and red circular symbols pay up to 500 for five characters. The two diamond-shaped icons both award up to 250 for five matching symbols. The three different types of wooden instruments all pay up to 25 coins for five matching symbols.

Open the Lucky Red Boxes

This is the bonus symbol. When you spin three or more of them, you will reveal impressive rewards. Open the lucky box to reveal a random prize. It could be Chinese Dragon’s bronze coins. Firecrackers. Jade coins. Or a golden dumpling.

Open the box and reveal the dragons for a cash prize. If you open the box, you can get a multiplier of up to 15x if one to three coins are displayed. Firecrackers will explode into wilds, increasing your chances of winning. Jade coins can trigger 3-25 free spins.

Find the Golden Dumpling and Spin the Bonus Wheel

A golden dumpling is the most exciting prize in the lucky box. This prize is a fun spin on the bonus wheels, where you can win anything from 8 free spins to a 20x multiplier. The Mega Win wheel is the best prize you can win from the bonus wheels. You can reasonably add up to 6,000 times your stake if you spin the Mega Win Wheel.

A Slot Machine With Many Lucrative Bonus Features

Great 88 has many hidden bonus features that make it a fascinating game. The background music and scenery create a sense of calm, but plenty is happening during the spins. With the double-up feature, you can double your money after each win. Wild firecrackers appear frequently, but it’s the red box you should look for, as it offers many rewards.

Great 88 offers a variety of bonuses, including free spins, multipliers, and the possibility to win a large sum from the Mega Win Wheel.

Rook’s Revenge Slots

Rook’s Revenge is a 3D video slot game by Betsoft. This game has been themed around the Aztec chief from Latin America. It is packed with impressive graphics and features. Rook’s Retribution will transport you to the Aztec civilization, allowing you to experience its richness on the reels.

Rook’s Revenge uses the classic 5-reel, 25-payline slots format. This game takes you deep into the Latin American rainforest to find treasure. Aztec themes are evident in all aspects of the game: symbols, reels and sounds, bonus features, gameplay, etc.

You can see Chief Rook dance in various styles as you create winning combinations. The animations in this game are hilarious and give the slot machines a cartoony look. The game’s visual theme is complemented by using Aztec symbols on the reels. Some of the characters include Ancient Aztec carvings and question marks, as well as golden masks. Rook’s Revenge offers 31 winning combinations.

How to Play Rook’s Revenge

This game has a maximum payout of 94.53%, which is lower than most other slot games. This game, released in September 2012, has 25 paylines and five reels. The total jackpot is $12,500.The minimum coin stake is 25 coins, while the maximum is 125. You can gamble anywhere from 1 to 5 coins on each payline. You can buy coins in denominations from $0.02 up to $1.The default bet is $0.10 with one cash on each line. You can change this according to your preference.

Bonus Features

Rook’s Revenge offers a wide range of betting options, including placing wagers along paylines. You can gamble up to $125 per spin if you’re a high roller! The golden mask is a special icon in this game. It also acts as the scatter. Scatters can award free spins. However, this is rare when playing Rook’s Revenge. Wild question marks represent the wild and can be substituted for any other symbol, including scattered golden masks. Wild symbols exclusively appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.

You can get ten free spins by collecting three scatter icons. Free spins come with multiplier values. Expect a 3x multiplier on your first winning combination and as much as 15x on your fourth! Re-triggering the free spins could result in a large payout at the end of this round. Scatters only appear on the first, third, and second paylines.

Win multipliers are the main attraction of this game’s unique features. After spinning the reels, all winning symbols explode, causing new characters to drop from above. The new signs will allow you to create more winning combinations. This allows you to win on each spin. After the first win, all subsequent winning combinations are multiplied, and the multiplier increases with every mix.

When you see a winning combination, you will be glued to the screen to watch Chief Rook dance. Exploding blocks give the game a new visual appeal. This amazing Betsoft Gaming game has many features, including wilds, free spins, and advancing multipliers for every winning exploding.

Playing Rook’s Revenge On Android/ iOS/ Mobile Device

Rook’s Revenge, a mobile slot machine from Betsoft, is one of the most popular games. The iPad and Android version of the slot game includes all the same animations, gameplay, sounds, and features as the online version. Only Chief Rook’s funny dance moves are missing. Some players may prefer the mobile version due to its fast gameplay and toned-down animations.

The features and theme of this mobile slot are similar to Gonzo’s Quest. If you enjoy one, then you may also like the other. Rook’s Revenge will entertain you for hours with its fantastic music, explosive stone works, and free spins.